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Time Management Form for Mason Contractors

As mason contractors, time does not seem to be on our side. How often do you finish a job with time to spare? Never? This time management form for mason contractors can help you.

By Steven Fechino

When it comes to computing billings that have bid tasks and extra tasks in the same invoice, it seems time is always short. When you have to piece together what was completed on the original bid – and show where the time and material work began – creating your invoice can be stressful. Not to mention, without proof, the client can kick back an invoice and claim that it was never accepted.

In this economy, no contractor can afford to work for free. I’d like to offer you a free tracking document that can help you manage your time and tasks. This simple Daily Report form is a two-page Word document. Why two pages? I avoid writing on the back of my reports, because I tend to miss things when I do. Print both pages and fill them out each day. The stress of having to remember what was performed by whom each day goes away.

The time management form for mason contractors begins with an assessment of the weather. If it is too cold, raining or even perfect working weather, record it. If delays arise due to bad weather, you are covered in your documentation. The tasks performed are noted, with a space provided to keep track of the time spent on them. This will help with billings or overtime, if applicable.

If your project requires an architect to answer your questions, you can log the question, when it was asked, and when it was answered. A space under Request For Proposal (RFP) is included to record what has been priced and keep everything orderly.

As commercial building work picks up, contracts become more complicated. Some contractors schedule more inspections to keep better track of the time, date and outcome of the inspector’s visit. Although this is an extra phone call for the superintendent, it allows for corrections to be made – sometimes while the inspector is on site. This allows you to invoice for the inspection sooner. The form has a place to document two inspections per day.

Many small mason contractors are using subcontractors to supplement their workforces. The second page has a section for listing subcontractors used on the job and noting whether they are ahead of or behind the schedule to which they committed. If your subcontractor is not performing, document the performance notification and attach a copy of it.

This time management form for mason contractors has two uniquely useful features: The contractor can organize his billings by attaching copies of the Daily Reports to corresponding invoices for the client’s records. Second, anyone on that contractor’s crew who takes jobsite photos with his smartphone can send them to the superintendent the same day. The photo number and location can be catalogued, saving time when the image is needed.

The Daily Report can be printed or remain digital. You can email the form easily and as often as necessary. You also can customize this form further as it will download as a simple Word document. Useful additions to the Daily Report document might include noting special materials and when they were ordered; recording purchase order numbers and specifics; noting equipment rental dates for pick-up and return; and tracking any dumpster, utility and joint venture agreements that may exist.

Steven Fechino is engineering and construction manager Mortar Net Solutions. Steven has 35 years of experience in masonry restoration, moisture management and hardscape construction.

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