Mortar Net Solutions, leader in moisture management solutions for masonry walls - Pro Masonry Guide
Mortar Net Solutions, leader in moisture management solutions for masonry walls

Mortar Net Solutions, leader in moisture management solutions for masonry walls

This Pro Masonry Guide Product Showcase is brought to you by Mortar Net Solutions, the industry leader in moisture management solutions for masonry walls.

CompleteFlashReduce the chance of leaks and speed up production with CompleteFlash®

CompleteFlash® one-piece, preformed 14″ High Corner Boots and End Dams are moisture management solutions that reduce the chance of leaks in masonry cavity walls while speeding up flashing installation so masons can get back to laying brick. CompleteFlash Boots extend above the standard flashing height so installers don’t have to fabricate corners in the field, and they make it easy to create consistently high-quality corners every time. The rugged CompleteFlash End Dams prevent water from leaking around the lintel ends over windows, doors and other wall openings, and at the termination points of flashing runs. CompleteFlash moisture management solutions are compatible with most common flashing materials and sealants.

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CellVentWeepVent™, CellVent™ offer options for keeping weep holes open, debris out

MortarNet offers two solutions for keeping weep holes open while keeping debris and insects out. CellVent™ for masonry cavity walls is a rigid polypropylene weep that helps ensure moisture can migrate out and air can circulate into the cavity, and that insects can’t enter the cavity through the weep holes. WeepVent™ is made from a polyester mesh and offers the same benefits as CellVent, plus its compressibility means it can completely fill the weep holes. “Prickly adhesion” holds the WeepVent in place without fasteners or adhesives. Both are cost-effective and are available in seven color choices to complement a wide variety of mortars and masonry.

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TotalFlashTotalFlash® Masonry Cavity Wall Drainage is much more than just flashing

The patented TotalFlash® Cavity Wall Drainage Solution is a complete, factory-assembled masonry cavity wall flashing system that cuts labor costs and provides better performance than standard through-wall flashing. It combines a flashing membrane with a mortar-dropping collection drainage mat, weep tabs, drip edge and termination bar into a single, easy-to-install panel.

TotalFlash is suitable for use at all flashing locations, including base of wall, above exterior wall openings and bond beams, in parapet walls, and wherever flashing is desirable. Every TotalFlash job comes with free services to help make purchasing and installation headache free, including expert takeoffs, bid help and custom panel sizing for wall openings.

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BlockFlashBlockFlash™ is a complete flashing solution for single-wythe CMU walls

BlockFlash™ is a complete flashing solution for managing moisture in exterior single-wythe concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls. It uses patented flashing pans to collect moisture in the wall and channel it to the exterior through integrated weep spouts. An included drainage mesh installed in each cell above the pans provides hundreds of clear pathways for water to flow around mortar droppings inside the block cells so it can be collected by the pans. BlockFlash moisture management solutions require less than five minutes of training to learn how to install, and is available in sizes for 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ CMUs.

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DriPlaneDriPlane™ is the drainage plane for exterior rainscreen systems

DriPlane™ is a polypropylene mesh bonded to a water- and vapor-permeable fabric. It helps masons and designers build drier, more trouble-free walls by providing continuous drainage and drying behind most types of adhered masonry and rainscreen walls. DriPlane helps prevent peeling, cracking and blistering of exterior finishes by helping them dry quickly and completely from the back. When it comes to moisture management solutions, DriPlane act as a mortar break between the adhered masonry base coat and weather-resistant barrier to prevent mortar bridging, and it allows siding and veneers to move independently of the structural wall to help prevent damage due to variations in expansion/contraction rates of wall components.

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LathNetLathNet™ is a patented drainage plane and metal lath system for adhered masonry veneers

LathNet™ is designed for use with stucco, thin brick, thin stone and other types of adhered masonry. It is a factory-assembled combination of a polyester mesh drainage plane and G-60 expanded metal lath that provides a continuous drainage and ventilation plane between the lath and weather-resistant barrier to promote rapid drainage and drying. LathNet allows for faster installation and fewer wall penetrations versus installing a drainage plane and lath separately and is 100% made and assembled in the USA.

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