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Gifts for Mason Contractors this Father’s Day

Gifts for Mason Contractors this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner. So, by now, you’ve probably been asked what gift you’d like. If you answered, “Anything is fine with me,” you will likely end up with another classic necktie. Luckily, Pro Masonry Guide is here to help. With the click of your mouse, you can forward this list of gifts for mason contractors along to your spouse or child, assuring a no-miss gift will come your way. We have gathered some of the masonry industry’s latest and greatest products, so the gift giver in your life can’t get it wrong.

Bosch GLI18V-1900N Floodlight

boschThe new 18V light can illuminate every inch of a room in a tiny (3.5 lbs.) package. It shines at 1,900 lumens, but can also can run on a 50 percent mode and blast 1,000 lumens, doubling the battery life. It runs up to eight hours at 50 percent, or four hours at the full 1,900 lumens. The GLI18V-1900 C offers Bluetooth connectivity accessed through a corresponding app. In addition to controlling the light, the connectivity function allows the user to manage several lights simultaneously with one click. The two-way Bluetooth transfer chip ensures low power consumption between the light and a smart phone.

Klein Tradesman Pro Soft Cooler

kleinKlein Tools is introducing jobsite storage for your lunch. The Tradesman Pro Soft Cooler can stay cool for up to 12 hours, and there is additional storage for keys, napkins, medicine, utensils, etc. It has a double-thick, leak-resistant, anti-microbial liner and a fully molded bottom to protect from the elements.

OX Tools’ mix m8

ox-groupOX Tools’ mixing paddle, mix m8, has a “rabbit ear” design and produces smooth mixes, fast. Clean-up is easy, even with the stickiest solutions. mix m8 is ideal for mixing small batches of thin sets, mortars, cement, plaster and similar materials. It is a flexible and durable non-porous plastic mixing paddle that creates a whirling motion. Its ribbed edges cut through materials while minimizing foam, bubbles, and air entrapment. The helix pulls the dry material into the mix creating a smooth and consistent mix.

SKILSAW 7 in. MEDUSAW Worm Drive for Concrete

skilsawThis fully integrated worm drive saw is designed specifically for scoring and cutting concrete accurately. Used wet or dry, the dual integrated dust management system takes dust out of your way, while you slice clean lines in concrete. MEDUSAW features a Cut-Ready adjustable plunge lock that allows users to quickly and accurately set and make consistent plunge cuts. It also has an integrated rolling foot plate with rubber wheels that help users to move it smoothly across hard surfaces and rust resistant brackets and fasteners to protect against corrosion.

Soci’s Cortena Private-Label Diamond Tool Line

sociCortena’s diamond router bits, Ogee Continuous, Demi Bullnose Continuous and Ogee Segmented, are used for shaping and profiling granite, marble, engineered stone and quartzite countertops. The Ogee Continuous is used on granite, marble and engineered stone and are heavily diamond-concentrated, guaranteed for a long life and are available in Super Premium and Premium lines in sizes 2 cm, 2.5 cm and 3 cm thicknesses. The Demi Bullnose Continuous is used on engineered stone and concrete countertops and is stocked in Super Premium and Premium lines in sizes 2 cm, 2.5 cm and 3 cm thicknesses. The Ogee Segmented diamond router bit produces consistent details with virtually no chipping and creates a smoother finish than its competitors.

Spec Mix Polymer Modified Adhered Veneer Mortar

spec-mixEngineered for speed and zero sag, SPEC MIX Polymer Modified Adhered Veneer Mortar (PMAVM) is used to install manufactured stone, natural thin cut stone and thin brick units. The mix design is custom formulated with a special blend of polymers for superior adhesion and anti-slip performance so masons are wasting time holding units in place. Just butter the back of the stone and go. With over 300 psi bond strength, SPEC MIX PMAVM is the mix that gets the job done once and for all. No more units popping off the wall.

YARDMAX Power Wheelbarrow

yardmax_power_wheelbarrow_660-capacityAmong the gifts for mason contractors, the YARDMAX Power whellbarros is one of the most popular. YARDMAX Poower Trackbarrows are offered in multiple styles and weight capacities. The YARDMAX line of track barrows includes a Power Trackbarrow with Hydraulic Assist (1,100 lb. capacity) and Power Trackbarrow with Gas Shock Assist (660 lb. capacity) in hopper or flatbed style options. The compact power wheelbarrow has a load capacity of 660 lb. and offers traction and stability needed to move heavy loads across rugged, uneven, muddy and wet landscapes. The entire YARDMAX product line is backed by robust warranties and in-stock, readily available replacement parts, express-shipped if necessary.

Norton Clipper BBM307 Masonry Saw (BlockBuster Mini 307)

nortonThe Norton Clipper BBM307 masonry saw has been copied many times due to its compact, unibody construction. An all-steel welded honeycomb internal frame make it durable enough for the toughest construction jobs but light weight enough for easy transportation and mobility on a jobsite. Having an offset motor and cutting head allows users full view of the cutting surface too. A 14” blade capacity with a 5” depth of cut makes quick cuts on most materials. And, the strong 3HP brush motor has thermal overload protection, ensuring you long working hours without difficulty or power problems. Cut wet or dry. Just attach any hose to it with its handy garden hose connection that leads up the cutting head and splits to cover both sides of the blade for ideal cooling to extend blade life and better cuts.

Weather Guard Defender Series Truck Boxes

weather-guardThe best Father’s Day gifts are functional and built to stand the test of time, which are reasons why the WEATHER GUARD Defender Series truck boxes should be at the top of Father’s Day gift lists. The line of truck boxes brings professional-grade durability, security and weather resistance to dad’s truck, along with a 7-year warranty. WEATHER GUARD’s line of more affordable Defender Series truck boxes deliver the legendary ruggedness associated with the WEATHER GUARD name, without the pro-level price. With a price point of under $500, the Defender Series truck boxes are a memorable gift option for Dad this year.

iQ360x Dry Cut Masonry Saw

iq-power-toolsAs a father, some of the things that matter most are family, health, and work. Those of you who have been on jobsites for years have given everything to your trade and to the construction industry. Dust has most likely been a part of your life since your first day on the job. As you think of your family, your desire to provide for them, and taking care of yourself in the process, taking safety precautions is essential to longevity in your trade and in your health. One of these precautions is reducing the amount of dust you inhale. While your family is thinking of what to get you for this Father’s Day, the greatest gift would be staying healthy and living longer.

DURAMOULD Polyurethane Systems for Mould Making

duramouldDow Formulated Systems has supplied polyurethane products into the pre-cast concrete industry for more than 40 years and, building on this vast experience, has developed the DURAMOULD polyurethane systems range for mould making and form liners. Hand mixable and machine mixable DURAMOULD polyurethane systems from Dow Formulated Systems offer easy processing with the confidence of long-lasting moulds capable of providing excellent reproduction of fine detail.

Stanley Essential Rolling Workshop

stanleyFor the on-the-go dad, the STANLEY Essential Rolling Workshop provides three storage solutions in one product. Comprised of a bottom bin, middle tote tray, and a top tool box and organizer, the Essential Rolling Workshop keeps small parts organized while transporting larger items with ease. Seven-inch coated wheels make maneuvering convenient, easy, and ideal for a wide range of applications.

DEWALT ToughSystem Product Family Storage Solutions

dewaltThe DEWALT ToughSystem mobile modular storage system allows you to quickly and easily change the combination of tools you take to work.  The ToughSystem storage family can be configured to meet your needs with a variety of options taking you from the workshop to the job site including tool boxes, totes and a jobsite radio.  When carrying the tool boxes by hand, they can be fastened together utilizing side latches allowing them to be carried as a stack. Included are the ToughSystem DS130 Suitcase, ToughSystem DS450 Mobile Storage, and ToughSystem Workshop Racking Solution.

Greencore USA Cementitious Building Materials

greencoreGreencore USA offers a full-line of high-quality, high-yield and environmentally friendly cementitious building materials. All of the mortars, stuccos and grouts from Greencore USA, a QUIKRETE company, are manufactured using a unique combination of slag cement and Portland cement to increase the environmental benefits on a project while improving productivity and reducing labor costs. Included are Greencore USA Super High Yield Mortar, Greencore USA Core Fill Grout, and Greencore USA Super High Yield Stucco. Greencore USA products, which are currently available in California and Florida, provide quantifiable environmental benefits that can contribute to U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification.

Milwaukee Tool 18” Jobsite Rolling Bag, 24” HARDTOP Rolling Bag

milwaukeeMilwaukee Tool’s 18” Jobsite Rolling Bag and 24” HARDTOP Rolling Bag are designed from the ground-up to address the needs of professionals who need the most durable mobile solution to transport tools, accessories, and other materials to and from the jobsite. Constructed with 1680D Ballistic Material, everything about the new Rolling Bags has been specifically designed to withstand the jobsite environment. Six-inch metal-rimmed, all-terrain wheels allow the Rolling Bags to easily roll over a variety of rough surfaces, and a metal through-axle secures the wheel providing a stronger connection and longer life in jobsite conditions.

Arriscraft Thin-Clad Products

arriscraftArriscraft, manufacturer of naturally-made products that emulate quarried stone, has introduced two thin-clad products in response to growing demand for veneer stone. These newest additions to Arriscraft’s thin line offer designers, builders and homeowners a variety of installation options, with modern flair. The Midtown product, with two slim face rises in long lengths delivers a modern look similar to linear brick. The linear Coastal Series is an evolution of our popular ARRIS-stack product, ideal for those that prefer a sleek look with a mortar joint. Arriscraft’s Natural Process technology uses only natural materials (plus color pigments) and replicates how stone is created in the earth.

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